When police examined CCTV footage

Escargot hush puppies haven’t gone anywhere, and they’re as fluffy and meaty as ever. The creativity continues to flow freely, too. A piquillo pepper stuffed with avocado and ringed in cucumber gazpacho made for a cooler summer. I know it hypocritical as this was me 2 years ago, but coming at it from the environmental side of things as the main reason I became vegetarian in the first place, I struggle so much to watch people consume multiple beef burgers then refuse a plastic bag at the supermarket to the planet looking to try and do some reading around anxiety and veganism and wondered if there were any books on the subject that might be beneficial to me and others? I never wanted to be the vegan who seems to think they better than others for the lifestyle we chosen, but the lack of education and understanding of what meat consumption is doing to us, the animals and the planet is making it hard for me to eat with friends due to it not being enjoyable at all to continue to watch them consume meat and dairy products :(Thank you for posting this. I can’t help but I want to say that I feel you. I feel this way all the time, especially on the environmental implications.

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