We have all seen the hilarious Jesus “restoration”

Dude, come on, lets be real here:You need to have a full grasp of Japanese language to play the Wii U ports of 1 and 2, and also you will need import it, and its the Wii U we talking about here, so that is most probably out for most folks.Only 1 and 2 are on the PS2 and I don even want to know what a mission it will be to find copies of those at a reasonable price. Besides we have Kiwami 1 and 2 now.PS3 has 3 5 at least but those are getting PS4 ports next year so yeah.PC is a good one, but its only got 0 at the moment and will hopefully get 6 later.The PS4 is at this current moment your easiest and best choice to play the Yakuza series, and pretty much the only console confirmed to have the whole series on it with those HD remasters coming out next year. Kiryu is the only constant in terms of playable characters in non spin off games and Kamurocho is the only constant in terms of cities.

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