The conversation so far has illuminated

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Canada Goose Outlet And if “we” have any hope of ever changing anything in this country in the cause of reason and the safety of our children we should stop talking about a significant part of our population as if they were lesser, stupider or crazier than we are.The batshit absolutist Wayne LaPierre may not represent the vast majority of gun owners in this land but canada goose outlet in montreal if pushed if the conversation veers towards talk of taking away people’s canada goose outlet montreal guns many gun owners will shade towards him and away from us.Gun culture goes DEEP in this country. A whole hell of a lot of people I’ve met remember daddy giving them their first rifle as early as age 6 and that kind of bonding that first walk through the early morning woods with your Dad that’s deep tissue stuff. When people canada goose outlet mall start equating guns ALL guns as evil as something to be eradicated, a whole helluva lot of people are going to get defensive.The conversation so far has illuminated, instead of any substantial issues, mostly the huge cultural divide between those like me who live in coastal cities with restrictive gun laws and canada goose outlet store quebec that vast swath of America that lives very differently. Canada Goose Outlet

buy canada goose jacket In the lawsuits that teachers filed against the Chicago Board of Education, they used a lot of social science research and tracked that if a school was low performing and was located on the north or the canada goose outlet vancouver west side and had a higher percentage of white teachers, that school was less likely to be closed. As canada goose outlet buffalo the teachers pointed out, canada goose outlet this wasn’t just about canada goose jacket outlet closing low performing schools, but closing low performing schools in communities of color, and particularly those schools that had a higher percentage of teachers of color. What bothers me is that we have a national rhetoric about wanting diversity when at the same time we’re actually manufacturing the lack of diversity in the way in which we craft our policies buy canada goose jacket.