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While adjusting the dosage of Zyloprim in patients who are being treated with colchicine and/or anti-inflammatory agentsit is wise to continue the latter therapy until serum uric acid has been normalized and there has been freedom from acute gouty attacks for several months.

A few cases of reversible clinical hepatotoxicity have been noted in patients taking Zyloprimand in some patientsasymptomatic rises in serum alkaline phosphatase or serum transaminase have been observedIf anorexiaweight lossor pruritus develop in patients on Zyloprimevaluation of liver function should be part of their diagnostic workupIn patients with pre-existing liver diseaseperiodic liver function tests are recommended during the early stages of therapy.

Hyperuricemia may be primaryas in goutor secondary to diseases such as acute and chronic leukemiapolycythemia veramultiple myelomaand psoriasisIt may occur with the use of diuretic agentsduring renal dialysisin the presence of renal damageduring starvation or reducing dietsand in the treatment of neoplastic disease where rapid resolution of tissue masses may occurAsymptomatic hyperuricemia is not an indication for treatment with Zyloprimsee INDICATIONS AND USAGE

Zyloprim is used to treat gout or kidney stonesand to decrease levels of uric acid in people who are receiving cancer treatment.

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