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SIDE EFFECTSSide effects of chloramphenicol are headachemental confusionfeverrashdiarrheaand optic atrophy.

It is recommended that all types of contact lenses be avoided during ocular infections.

Before you start treating your eyesread the manufacturer’s printed information leaflet supplied with the productIt will give you more information about using chloramphenicol and will provide you with a full list of any side-effects which you may experienceIf your eyes have an obvious discharge orcrustit can help if you bathe them with cool clean water before you use the chloramphenicolAt firstchloramphenicol drops should be used every two to four hours unless you have been told otherwiseJust use the drops while you are awakeyou do not need to wake yourself up during the night to put them inAs the infection improvesyou can reduce the frequency down to four times a dayIf you have been given chloramphenicol eye ointment to use as well as the eye dropsapply the ointment at night onlyIf you have been given chloramphenicol eye ointment without any dropsuse the ointment three or four times each dayTry not to miss any dosesbut if you do forgetjust use the drops/ointment as soon as you rememberDo notdouble upthe number of drops or the amount of ointment you use to make up for forgettingWhen you first put the eye drops or eye ointment into your eyethey can cause blurred visionThis should quickly clearMake sure you can see clearly before you drive or use machines or toolsTake care to avoid spreading the infection from one eye to the otherand to other members of your familyWashing your hands regularlyparticularly after touching your eyesand not sharing towels or pillows will help to prevent the infection from spreadingIf the tip of the tube/bottle touches your eye(swhen putting the drops init is a good idea to squeeze out two or three drops straightaway on to some tissue and rinse the tip with salt waterUse chloramphenicol for a maximum of five days unless a doctor has told you otherwiseIf your eyes are no better after two days of treatmentmake an appointment to see your doctor for advice as soon as possibleYou must also contact a doctor if your eyes become painfulif light hurts your eyesor if your vision is impairedEye infections can cause your eyes to become more sensitive to sunlight than usualWearing sunglasses can help ease thisIf you normally wear contact lensesyou should wear glasses until your symptoms have completely goneIt is recommended that you wait for 24 hours after you last use chloramphenicol before you put your lenses in again.

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in the west, chloramphenicol is mostly restricted to topical uses because of the worries about the risk of aplastic anaemia.