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Mupiocin has bn shown tb activ against suscptibl isolats S. auus and S. pyogns, both in vitand in clinical tials [s INDICATIONS AND USAG ]. Th ollowing in vitdata a availabl, but thi clinical signiicanc is unknown. Mupiocin is activ against most isolats Staphylococcus pidmidis .

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C. diicil poducs toxins A and B which contibut tth dvlopmnt CDAD. Hyptoxin-poducing stains C. diicil caus incasd mobidity and motality, as ths inctions can b actoy tantimicobial thapy and may qui colctomy. CDAD must b considd in all patints whpsnt with diaha ollowing antibactial dug us. Caul mdical histoy is ncssay sinc CDAD has bn potd toccu ov 2 months at th administation antibactial agnts.

Tminimiz oal xposu th dug tchildn, a bast and/nippl bing tatd with BACTOBAN ointmnt should b thooughly washd pitbastding.

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