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2Loss of vision and hearing impairmentViagra may cause Non-arteritic Anterior Ischemic Optic NeuropathyNAIONThis disorder may lead to loss of vision in one or both the eyesTinnitus or hearing impairment is another conditionwhich may occur as a side effect of consuming Viagra.

ED is a medicalconditionand not adiseaselike the Cholera or TuberculosisIt occurs in men as a result of decreased blood flow to the penile regionThe reasons for this reduced blood flow are many but when it does happenit severely restricts the functioning of the muscles in a man’s penis.

Side effects can occur It is not good for those who have heart related issues Not good for those who have high blood pressure issues There are other medications that might not work with it.

Stomach pains nausea diarrhea nasal congestion headaches facial flushing dizzinessblurry vision and loss of hearing.

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