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Imuran azathioprine is an immunosuppressive antimetabolite used to prevent the body from rejecting a transplanted kidney.

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IMURAN is indicated for the treatment of active rheumatoid arthritisRAto reduce signs and symptomsAspirinnon-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and/or low dose glucocorticoids may be continued during treatment with IMURANThe combined use of IMURAN with disease modifying anti-rheumatic drugsDMARDshas not been studied for either added benefit or unexpected adverse effectsThe use of IMURAN with these agents cannot be recommended.

This is not a list of all drugs or health problems that interact with Imuranazathioprine tablets

Information is available on the risk of malignancy with the use of IMURAN in rheumatoid arthritissee ADVERSE REACTIONSIt has not been possible to define the precise risk of malignancy due to IMURANThe data suggest the risk may be elevated in patients with rheumatoid arthritisthough lower than for renal transplant patientsHoweveracute myelogenous leukemia as well as solid tumors have been reported in patients with rheumatoid arthritis who have received IMURAN.

Imuraneither alone or more usually in combination with corticosteroids and/or other drugs and procedureshas been used with clinical benefitwhich may include reduction of dosage or discontinuation of corticosteroidsin a proportion of patients suffering from the following:

As there is in vitro evidence that aminosalicyclate derivatives(egolsalazinemesalazine or sulphasalazineinhibit the TPMT enzymethey should be administered with caution to patients receiving concurrent Imuran therapysee 4.4 Special Warning and Special Precautions for Use

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your doctor or pharmacist has a more complete list of medicines to avoid while taking imuran.