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Take ribavirin copegus, ribavin strictly according to your doctor s direction or according to the instructions on the medication label.

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Ribavirin is a medication used to treat hepatitis CIt is used in combination with other medications to cure people of the hepatitis C virusRibavirin is taken orally twice per day with foodCommon side effects include fatiguelower-than-normal levels of red blood cellsanemiatrouble sleeping and headacheHepatitis C treatment can cure a person from hepatitis CHowevera person could become infected again.

Ribavirin is a type of antiviral medication called a nucleoside analogueIt is not clear exactly how ribavirin works to stop the hepatitis C virus.

Some people who have low levels of red blood cells and/or iron in the bloodanemiahave developed heart problemsincluding heart attackswhen they used ribavirinIf you experience painpressureburning or heaviness in the chestsweatingtrouble breathinglight-headedness or discomfort in your upper bodyseek medical attention immediately.

Rednesssorenessor other reactions at the site of injectionpeginterferonwhich is taken with ribavirinis an injected medicationFatigue or tiredness Headache Fever or chills Nausea Muscle aches Anxiety or emotional irritability 1,2.

Copegus is indicated in combination with Pegasys or Roferon A for the treatment of adult patients with chronic hepatitis C who have not previously been treatedincluding patients with fibrosis or compensated cirrhosisIt is also indicated for the treatment of adult patients who have responded to interferon alpha monotherapy but have since relapsed.

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