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DrowsinessDrowsiness has been reported in patients on LIORESAL INTRATHECALPatients should be cautioned regarding the operation of automobiles or other dangerous machineryand activities made hazardous by decreased alertnessPatients should also be cautioned that the central nervous system depressant effects of LIORESAL INTRATHECALbaclofen injectionmay be additive to those of alcohol and other CNS depressants.

NURSING MOTHERS In mothers treated with oral LIORESALbaclofen USPin therapeutic dosesthe active substance passes into the milkIt is not known whether detectable levels of drug are present in milk of nursing mothers receiving LIORESAL INTRATHECALAs a general rulenursing should be undertaken while a patient is receiving LIORESAL INTRATHECAL only if the potential benefit justifies the potential risks to the infant.

LIORESAL INTRATHECAL is for use in single bolus intrathecal injectionsvia a catheter placed in the lumbar intrathecal space or injection by lumbar punctureand in implantable pumps approved by the FDA specifically for the intrathecal administration of baclofenBecause of the possibility of potentially life-threatening CNS depressioncardiovascular collapseand/or respiratory failurephysicians must be adequately trained and educated in chronic intrathecal infusion therapy.

Inactive IngredientsCellulose compoundsmagnesium stearatepovidoneand starch.

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