In this case, the group of 50 trees were considered and

THOUGH LAG SCREWED ME WAY HARDER THEN AND EVEN NOT LAGGING STILL LET THE TANK DIE TWICE. I FELT WAY MORE POSITIVELY ABOUT THAT PARTY THAN I PROBABLY SHOULD HAVE. 33 points submitted 5 days ago. (In fact, the city has uprooted and relocated almost 100 trees within the past year, senior Stage 2 LRT planner Marc Magierowicz said.)But it still rare for this to happen in large municipalities, according to Tree Canada, which supported the city with the project.The task can be expensive for cash strapped cities and requires a lot of co ordination and equipment, including a tree spade machine. The large spades which sort of resemble a claw encircle the tree, plunge into the soil, and lift up the entire tree and its roots.Once the tree is out of the ground, it has to go back in as soon as possible ideally within the same day so it doesn have to be stored.On top of money and logistics, only certain species are healthy and sturdy enough to handle that kind of a shock, Tree Canada manager Marie Paule Godin said.In this case, the group of 50 trees were considered and included a variety of species such as pine, pear, birch, maple and oak trees, as well as a large lilac and a cedar.30 year old DDO tree to be cut down in spite of public outcryThe size of the tree matters too; if its canopy is too big, the spade machine won be able to hold it, said Ken Stevens, president of Manotick Tree Movers, which the city contracted for the job.Godin said all of the 50 trees were between 10 to 20 years old and between 12 and 15 feet in height.The trees were all moved within Bay Ward, the city said mostly to other parks (Woodroffe Park received eight, for example.) But a number of households in the area which asked for a tree got one replanted on their front lawns.The city has promised not to leave the affected area of Byron Linear Park barren. Once the LRT construction underneath the park has concluded, Watson said, the city will replant smaller trees and shrubs have the capacity to grow and survive in that particular area.

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