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Currently there exists no game that is somehow compareable to EvE. It totally unique, while canada goose outlet vip devs in other games develope new raids and dungeons, in EvE they give you this setup and say “ye have fun!”. You start in a big universe with thousands of people fighting over space, politics everywhere, factions canada goose outlet ottawa fighting over systems, people official canada goose outlet building huge ships and expensive modules, wormholes with big loot, null security space with npc to kill, etc..I o hard to describe the feeling after you reach a goal in that game. Don forget it much harder to make money nowadays if you don buy gems with canada goose outlet shop real money. Yes, sometimes I have time and go around exploring and enjoying myself. Sometimes I just need to do canada goose outlet eu dailies fast and take canada goose factory outlet vancouver care of real life. Informing where events are doesn hurt and helps a lot of people. Same with the blessed mesmers at daily puzzles. So yes, just canada goose outlet in uk because it not the way you thibk the game should be played doesn make u any better by trolling others for playing it differently. If you can help, don be a duche. I recently started doing dungeons regularly canada goose outlet toronto location again and while a lot of the established playerbase canada goose outlet sale has moved on, newer players appear to have canada goose outlet ontario a strong interest in the content and groups fill up quick.I run into something like 12 new players in the past week solely from posting dungeon paths on the LFG and it been canada goose parka outlet a blast. Their technical skills aren great yet, but that to be expected of new players and most of them seem open to learning if you a little patient and explain what you doing and why. I thinking of starting teaching runs because the amount of new players I run into suggests there an interest there and dungeon content is https://www.canadagooseoutletcanada.ca too good original site to be left for dead. So, seriously, try and lure your friends who haven done dungeons before into trying them out. Reacting myself to a douche non justified behavior that you described you had like you doing something to be proud about. Period. If you want to be a douche fine, but don try to justify it with “people deserve canada goose outlet paypal my behavior” or “my trolling will bring laughs”. Don assume what people will think. Misinformation annoys me, annoys other people and you are going out of your way to do nothing but canada goose outlet belgium annoy and laugh at other expense and make them waste their time. Specially if they fall to the wrong WP linking. Also, having those flashy items gives me a very negative view of whoever has them, since they so easy canada goose outlet online reviews to see whenever they make a mistake. Quip or Incinerator.)On a related note, it also very rewarding to see the canada goose outlet authentic one guy who claims to be the “primary DPS” or something go down and die while standing in an AoE he could avoided. What stopping him from canada goose outlet canada having it happen again? He should look into himself and see the problem isn that he now has nothing, but figure out WHY it happened; due to his naivete. canada goose outlet online uk Guy spends about 5 minutes telling a long story about how he joined a guild that charges gold because his good friend is in it, and then he joins, gives them all his gold, and gets kicked. So now he needs gold and goes around sharing his story/begging from everyone. I told him to ask his friend for help, he says his canada goose outlet in canada friend won do anything. So I told him to act like everyone else and canada goose outlet uk go get more gold. People like this would have FAR MORE if they would just go out and get stuff on their own instead of begging everyone else to carry them. And they be spending a lot canada goose outlet store new york less time/effort doing it.

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