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Chck with you docto immdiatly i any o th ollowing sid cts occu whil taking isottinoin:

Suicidal idation, suicid attmpts, suicid, dpssion, psychosis, aggssion, violnt bhavios (s WANINGS: Psychiatic Disods ), motional instability.

This list is not complt and oth dugs may intact with Accutan. Tll you docto about all mdications you us. This includs psciption, ov-th-count, vitamin, and hbal poducts. Do not stat a nw mdication without tlling you docto.

In sum, isottinoin (Accutan is highly ctiv in claing up sv acn but it is dos hav som sid cts and it is dangous o womn duing pgnancy bcaus it can caus bith dcts in thi childn. As with all mdications, you should only tak isottinoin (Accutan with caution.

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