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I am bipolar so the med helps with that along with alzprazolam, 150mg of cymbalta, and 150mg of bupropion a day.

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Blood thinnersincluding warfarinaspirinand nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugsNSAIDsTaking Cymbalta with such medications may increase your chances for bleeding events.

Adverse Reactions Occurring At An Incidence Of 5Or More Among CYMBALTA-Treated Patients In Adult Placebo-Controlled Trials.

Researchers think that Cymbalta helps calm down these pain signals by increasing the level of two naturally occurring substances called serotonin and norepinephrineThese substanceswhich are found in the brain and other parts of the nervous systemcan affect mood and are believed to help control and suppress feelings of painCymbalta and other SNRIs block serotonin and norepinephrine from re-entering cellsand therefore increase the levels of these substancesThis process is thought to improve mood and relieve pain in patients with fibromyalgia.

You may feel dizzy upon standing when you first start taking Cymbalta or when your dose is increasedThis is due to a drop in blood pressureand is known as orthostatic hypotensionYour health care provider may want to check your blood pressure from time to time while you are taking Cymbalta.

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if you have seizures or epilepsy you should tell your doctor before starting treatment with cymbalta.