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Typ 2 diabts is a lilong (chonic) disas that can dvlop at any ag, including duing childhood. Howv, it mostly occus in middl-agd and old popl. Th condition otn dvlops slowly ov tim. It can occu in ovwight obs individuals as wll as popl wha thin. But incasd at can mak it had th body tus insulin poply.

A summay th ovall incidnc and typs common advs vnts potd in tials ACTOS add-on tmtomin is povidd in Tabl 3. Tms that a potd psnt thos that occud at an incidnc >5% and mcommonly with th highst tstd dos ACTOS.

Actos impovs how th body uss insulin. Actos dcass th amount glucos lasd by th liv. Actos dos not caus th body tmak minsulin, tho, whn usd alon, it dos not caus low blood glucos (hypoglycmia).

In animal poduction studis, nadvs dvlopmntal cts w obsvd whn pioglitazon was administd tpgnant ats and abbits duing oganognsis at xposus up t5-and 35-tims th 45 mg clinical dos, spctivly, basd on body suac aa [s Data ].

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