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In light of the scandalEli Lewitt of the website TokenLotwhich hosted Confido’s token offeringdescribed the company’s team asvery good scammers

“IJoostvan Doornwant to personally apologise for any financial damages this announcement will cause to peopleIt was never our intention to hurt investorswe didn’t see this comingthe message read.

Christhe above-mentioned support memberalso posted an update onr/cryptocurrencyHe revealed that he had made an official statement to the police in his local area who may be undertaking further investigationHaving never actually met or seen Joostthe true identity of the person(sbehind Confido remains a mystery.

In addition to thisthe shady startup has also wiped its social media fingerprints from the webclosing down its TwitterFacebookReddit and Medium accountsFor what is worthyou can still access archived pages to browse through its TwitterReddit and MediumThe same goes for its website.

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