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As foolish as it may sound, i wish the world, particularly the heterosexual world, could see clarina through my eyes, because i see them not just as a fictional tv couple on a brazilian soap opera, but also as one thread in the larger tapestry of lgbt representation, a tapestry full of unhappy endings, two-dimensional characters, and limited screen time.

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Although it is slower than other types of broadbandthe major benefit of satellite broadband is that it can provide an internet connection to any homethis can be particularly important in rural areaswhere laying cables is not possible.

If you decide that you want to bundle your TV and/or phone with your broadbandthere are lots of packages you could choose fromand generally you will get the biggest savings by opting for a bundleThis also means that you only have to deal with one provider on any queries and for your bill.

This type of broadband suits consumers who require fast speedsbut want to get broadband without having a phone line installed.

When you opt for a Magnet phone planyou can keep your existing telephone line and number in placemeaning everyone will be able to reach you on the same number as always.

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