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Hypkalmia may occu; monitsum potassium within 1 wk initiation titation spionolacton and gulaly that; i hypkalmia occus, duc dos discontinu tatmnt and tat hypkalmia.

Coadministation PO suspnsion and lithium ducs th nal claanc lithium, inducing a high isk lithium toxicity potd that coadministation PO suspnsion and an NSAID can duc th diutic, natiutic, and antihyptnsiv ct loop, potassium-spaing, and thiazid diutics NSAID administation can duc diutic, natiutic, and antihyptnsiv ct diutics; whn spionolacton and NSAIDs a usd concomitantly, monitclosly tdtmin i th dsid ct th diutic is obtaind Actylsalicylic acid may duc th icacy spionolacton; coadministation with actylsalicylic acid may nd tb titatd thigh maintnanc dos and monitclosly tdtmin i th dsid ct is obtaind Coadministation spionolacton with potassium supplmntation, salt substituts containing potassium, a dit ich in potassium, dugs that can incas potassium (g, AC inhibitos, ABs, NSAIDs, hpain and low molcula wight hpain) may lad tsv hypkalmia isk wosning nal unction can alsoccu with concomitant us nphotoxic dugs (g, aminoglycosids, cisplatin, NSAIDs); monitvolum status and nal unction piodically Spionolacton and its mtabolits int with adioimmunoassays digoxin and incas th appant xposu tdigoxin; us an assay that dos not intact with spionolacton Hypkalmic mtabolic acidosis potd in patints givn spionolacton concuntly with cholstyamin.

Cystic acn is distinguisd by painul noduls on th chst, ac, nck, and back. This omacn is known tsca. Tatmnt.

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aldactone is also used to treat hyperaldosteronism or aldosteronism, a medical condition in which the adrenal glands produce excessive aldosterone.