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Because of its inhibitory effect on fibroplasiamethylprednisolone may mask the signs of infection and enhance dissemination of the infecting organismHenceall animal patients receiving methylprednisolone should be watched for evidence of intercurrent infectionShould infection occurit must be brought under control by use of appropriate antibacterial measuresor administration of methylprednisolone should be discontinued.

The most commonly occurring side effects have included fluid retentionalteration in glucose toleranceincreased blood pressurebehavioral and mood changesincreased appetiteand weight gainthe incidence generally correlates with dosagetiming of administrationand duration of treatmentRef]

Frequency not reportedBradycardiacardiac arrestcardiac arrhythmiascardiac enlargementcirculatory collapsecongestive heart failurefat embolismhypertensionhypertrophic cardiomyopathy in premature infantsmyocardial rupture following recent myocardial infarctionsyncopetachycardiathromboembolismthrombophlebitisvasculitisedemahypotensionRef]

The prime objective of steroid therapy should be to achieve a satisfactory degree of control with a minimum effective daily dose.

This medicine is generally considered safe during pregnancy if taken as directedDuring pregnancyyou should discuss your medicine use with your doctor or pharmacist.

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