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Such side effects may have been identified sooner, when the fda ordered merck to conduct new safety tests on januvia in 2009.

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Before you start taking JANUVIAtell your doctor if you have ever had heart failureyour heart does not pump blood well enoughor have problems with your kidneysContact your doctor right away if you have increasing shortness of breath or trouble breathingespecially when you lie downswelling or fluid retentionespecially in the feetanklesor legsan unusually fast increase in weightor unusual tirednessThese may be symptoms of heart failure.

Stop taking Januvia and call your doctor right away if you have symptoms of pancreatitissevere pain in your upper stomach spreading to your backwith or without vomiting.

Call your doctor if you have symptoms of heart failureshortness of breatheven while lying downswelling in your legs or feetrapid weight gain.

You should not use Januvia if you are in a state of diabetic ketoacidosiscall your doctor for treatment with insulin

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