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Systmic allgic actions, including anaphylaxis, uticaia, angiodma, and gnalizd ash, hav bn potd in patints tatd with omulations BACTOBAN, including BACTOBAN cam [s ADVS ACTIONS ].

5. inlay J, Mill LA, Poupad JA. Intptiv citia tsting suscptibility staphylococci tmupiocin. Antimicob Agnts Chmoth 1997;41(5):1137-1139.

Mupiocin inhibits bactial potin synthsis by vsibly and spciically binding tbactial isolucyl-tans NA (tNA) synthtas.

Sid cts oth than thos listd h may alsoccu. Talk tyou doctabout any sid ct that sms unusual that is spcially bothsom. You may pot sid cts tDA at.

In th vnt a snsitization sv local iitation om BACTOBAN cam, usag should b discontinud, and appopiat altnativ thapy th inction institutd.

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