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Blood sugar lowering, diuretic and cholesterol lowering effects of roots of ashwagandha were assessed on human subjects.

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Information about Ashwagandha.

Ashwagandha is ich in ion (2) . Small-scal human studis suggst that it may pomot gowth in childn and impov hmoglobin lvl and d blood cll count, and impov sxual pomanc in adults (2) and alsusul in th tatmnt mal intility (27) . An hbal ta containing ashwagandha was shown tincas natual kill cll activity in halthy volunts with cunt coughs and colds (22) . Data alsindicat that ashwagandha may b hlpul anxity (23) , tact maks mtabolic syndom in schizophnia patints civing antipsychotic thapy, (34) and timpov cognitiv unction in patints with bipola disod (35) . In anoth clinical tial, an hbo-minal omula containing ashwagandha was shown tbnit ostoathitis (13) . In a doubl-blind CT, a standadizd aquous xtact oots and lavs poducd dos-dpndnt analgsic, anti-inlammatoy and chondopotctiv cts in patints with kn joint pain (41) . Pliminay data suggst that ashwagandha may hlp timpov balanc in patints with pogssiv dgnativ cbal ataxias (24) .

Additionally, thos on mdication thyoid disas should b caul whn taking ashwagandha, as it may potntially incas thyoid homon lvls in som popl.

Thyoid disods : Ashwagandha might incas thyoid homon lvls. Ashwagandha should b usd cautiously avoidd i you hav a thyoid condition tak thyoid homon mdications.

In on study, pilptic ats tatd with ashwagandha had naly a complt vsal spatial mmoy impaimnt. This was likly causd by a duction in oxidativ stss (32).

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17 aphale aa, et al, subacute toxicity study of the combination of ginseng panax ginseng and ashwagandha.