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moncler usa The Duluth man known who moncler outlet sale gained notoriety as the “ball slasher” is facing an additional burglary charge in connection with an alleged incident moncler outlet jackets just a day Moncler Outlet before his most recent arrest in Superior.Christopher Neil Bjerkness, 39, is accused of illegally cheap moncler outlet entering the Essentia Health Polinsky Medical Rehabilitation Center, 530 E. Second St., and slashing an unspecified number of exercise balls just after midnight on May 23.The Duluth Police Department reported that Bjerkness was identified on video entering a closed area of the cheap moncler jackets facility and causing approximately $200 in damage to the equipment inside. He allegedly admitted to the incident during an interview afterward.Bjerkness was charged moncler jackets outlet by warrant Friday in State District Court with fourth degree burglary, a gross misdemeanor carrying a maximum sentence of one year in jail and cheap moncler coats a $3,000 fine.He remained in custody Tuesday at the Douglas County Jail, where he has been held since his May 24 arrest at Superior High School. moncler usa

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