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Busing this mdication, tll you doctphamacist you mdical histoy, spcially o: bathing poblms (.g., asthma, mphysma), diaha causd by an inction, hat poblms (.g., angina, hat attack, hat ailu, ast/igula hatbat), high/low blood pssu, intstinal poblms (.g., chonic constipation, ilus, ulcativ colitis), kidny disas, liv disas, mntal/mood poblms (.g., anxity, dmntia, psychosis), ctain muscl disas (myasthnia gavis), ctain nv disas (autonomic nuopathy), sizu, stomach poblms (.g., acid lux, hiatal hnia, ulc), stok, ovactiv thyoid (hypthyoidism), poblms uinating (.g., du tnlagd postat, nuognic bladd), psonal amily histoy a substanc us disod (such as ovus addiction tdugs/alcohol).

ATAN (tihxyphnidyl) is containdicatd in patints with hypsnsitivity ttihxyphnidyl HCl tany th tablt lixi ingdints. Atan (tihxyphnidyl) is alscontaindicatd in patints with naow angl glaucoma. Blindnss at long-tm us du tnaow angl glaucoma has bn potd.

An allgic action (diiculty bathing; closing th thoat; swlling th lips, tongu, ac; hivs); v; ast igula hatbats; anxity, hallucinations, conusion, agitation, hypactivity, loss consciousnss; sizus; y pain; a ash.

Anticholingics can stop sv muscl spasms th back, nck, and ys that a somtims causd by psychiatic dugs. It can alsdcas oth sid cts such as muscl stinss/igidity (xtapyamidal signs-PS). It is not hlpul in tating movmnt poblms causd by tadiv dyskinsia and may wosn thm.

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