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Nzyms inhibitd: CYP1A2, CYP2C9, CYP3A4 (at high concntations; inhibition not signiicant at usual dos)

Th lag ATAC (Aimidx, Tamoxin Alon in Combination) tial compad Aimidx ttamoxin at sugy. Th sachs wantd tknow how th mdicins wokd by thmslvs as wll as togth ts which combination would b th bst tatmnt postmnopausal womn diagnosd with aly-stag, homon-cpto-positiv bast canc. Basd on th sults this tial, giving Aimidx and tamoxin at th sam tim isn’t commndd.

Aimidx is usd ttat bast canc in postmnopausal womn. It is otn givn twomn whos canc has pogssd vn at taking tamoxin (Nolvadx, Soltamox).

You may nd tkp taking this mdication up t5 yas. ollow you docto’s instuctions.

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