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Tll you doctphamacist as soon as possibl i you dnot l wll whil you a taking Acoxia.

Acoxia hlps most popl with ostoathitis, humatoid athitis, mnstual pain, gout oth typs pain, but it may hav unwantd advs cts in a w popl. All mdicins can hav advs cts. Somtims thy a sious, most th tim thy a not. You may nd mdical tatmnt i you gt som th advs cts.

Ostoathitis is mcommon in womn than in mn. Many actos can lad tth dvlopmnt ostoathitis including obsity and joint injuy (g. om spot).

Toicoxib is xctd in th milk lactating ats at concntations appoximatly two-old thos in plasma. Th was a dcas in pup body wight ollowing xposu pups tmilk om dams administd toicoxib duing lactation.

Cyclooxygnas is sponsibl gnation postaglandins. Twisooms, COX-1 and COX-2, hav bn idntiid. COX-2 is th isoom th nzym that has bn shown tb inducd by po-inlammatoy stimuli and has bn postulatd tb pimaily sponsibl th synthsis postanoid mdiatos pain, inlammation, and v. COX-2 is alsinvolvd in ovulation, implantation and closu th ductus atiosus, gulation nal unction, and cntal nvous systm unctions (v induction, pain pcption and cognitiv unction). It may alsplay a ol in ulc haling. COX-2 has bn idntiid in tissu aound gastic ulcs in man but its lvanc tulc haling has not bn stablishd.

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